EU islands: Identify your energy transition needs in the survey

By SalM on March 9, 2020 in Other News Articles

The EU Islands Facility – NESOI has launched a survey to help to unlock the potential of EU islands to become the locomotives of European Energy Transition by mobilising more than 100 M€ of investment in sustainable energy projects.

Are you representing a Local Authority, an energy company or an energy project developer active on islands? This H2020 project is asking all islands in Europe to help assess their needs to implement energy transition solutions on their territory!

The EU Islands Facility #NESOIsurvey will help to understand islands’ energy challenges, projects’ readiness and assistance requirements. For this, the NESOI team need to identify:

  • the challenges you face in implementing energy transition solutions,
  • your energy transition priorities,
  • the advancement stage of your projects,
  • and the kind of technical assistance you may need.

The results will support the finetuning of the NESOI Technical Assistance solutions that help islands to develop successful partnerships with investors across Europe.

The NESOI survey is structured along two sections:

  • SECTION 1 – ISLAND LEVEL: The objective of this first section is to position the state of the island from an “energy status” point of view.
  • SECTION 2 – PROJECT LEVEL: This section focuses on specific energy projects.

With this knowledge, the NESOI team will be able to support islands in developing successful partnerships with investors. In fact, NESOI’s goal is to mobilize more than 100 M€ of investment in sustainable energy projects across the EU’s populated islands.