MUSICA Project Receives Welcome Political Support

By Graham UCC on December 17, 2021 in MUSICA News Articles, Press Release

The MUSICA Project received welcome support from political leaders and municipality representatives of Chios and Oinousses, Greece, at a recent virtual information session.

The event was held as part of the projects ongoing commitment to efforts to maintain transparency and high engagement levels with residents of the islands in relation to ongoing developments within MUSICA.

The free event featured leading participants from the project discussing a number of important aspects regarding MUSICA progress, as well as highlighting the benefits the project is seeking to bring to the island of Oinousses.

The event covered the ongoing Environmental Impact Assessment procedures, the potential for Aquaculture opportunities and the Desalination process in addition to a case study on the Municipal Desalinated Water Network on the island of Chios.

The event attracted considerable political interest, with the Presidents of the Municipalities of Chios and Oinousses both in attendance. The General Secretary for the Municipality of Chios, Antonios Zervakis, attended the event and reaffirmed the Municipality’s support in the MUSICA Project as well as its commitment to participation in the creation of an energy community. “The Municipality of Chios, in realizing the need to utilize renewable energy sources, is an active supporter of the innovative MUSICA project.” In addition, the Mayor of Oinousses, George Daniil, spoke and reaffirmed the Municipality’s continued support during the information session.

MUSICA is an innovative project committed to the planning and development of a Multi-purpose Platform, which will generate electricity from wind, waves and the sun to enhance the energy supply in the area of Oinousses. The region was specifically selected by the European Union for a trial solution to problems such as power and water outages regularly faced by small island and coastal areas. The Multi-purpose Platform utilizes available energy sources, in addition to offering potential for job creation.

MUSICA Info Session Nov 24
MUSICA Info Session Nov 24

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