By vasso papadopoulou on April 15, 2024 in MUSICA News Articles, Press Release

The Musica project team is pleased to announce the completion of the “MUSICA OCEAN STEM” workshop in primary schools of the Municipality of Chios. The aim of the workshop was to spread the program and raise children’s awareness about the sustainable use of marine resources.
Municipality of Chios and University of the Aegean cooperated for the realization of the workshop.
During the visits, students and teachers happily participated in activities related to the topic. From engaging discussions to interactive games, the experience was both educational and fun for everyone.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Principals and teaching staff of the Primary Schools: 1st Primary School of Vrontados, 5th Primary School, 2nd Primary School, 7th Primary School, 9th Primary School and 11th Primary School, for the excellent cooperation and hosting them.
MUSICA continues its actions with the aim of promoting awareness and the development of social responsibility in matters of environment and sustainable development.

Meeting in Piraeus

By vasso papadopoulou on April 15, 2024 in MUSICA News Articles

The Musica team organized an interesting meeting in Piraeus, with the aim of convening all members to exchange ideas and solve issues related to the construction of the platform. During this meeting, he visited CORAL’s offices and shipbuilding facility, where creative design meetings took place. A meeting was then held in Perama, at the INSB offices, focusing on details of testing and the certification process. He then visited the Hellenic Cables facilities and the Optimus Prime shipyard, while the meeting culminated with a general assembly. During this assembly, new tasks were assigned, taking into account the previous meetings and visits. In this way, the meeting was successfully completed, strengthening the cooperation and determining the next course of the project.


MUSICA Project visits Oinousses

By vasso papadopoulou on April 15, 2024 in MUSICA News Articles

The MUSICA Project, in a recent visit to Oinousses island, made the necessary measurements at the location where the multi-purpose platform (MUP) will be joined with the land-based electricity infrastructure, in order to proceed with the procedures for its construction. These measurements were preceded by a meeting with the Mayor of Oinousso, who, warmly welcoming the Musica team, once again declared his support for the project, pointing out the need to connect the platform with the island. The innovative MUSICA project has undertaken the design and development of a Multi-Purpose Platform, which will generate electricity from wind, waves and the sun to boost the energy supply in the Oinousses area. The area was specifically chosen by the European Union for a trial solution to problems such as power and water outages that regularly face small island and coastal areas. The Multipurpose Platform (MUP) uses renewable energy sources, which is important in the times we live in.