MUSICA Makes Key Contribution to International Energy Agency Publication

MUSICA Makes Key Contribution to International Energy Agency Publication

on October 15, 2021

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Technology Collaboration programme on Ocean Energy Systems (OES) recently published in-depth interviews with six key players in the ocean energy sector, including MUSICA Project Coordinator Dr Gordon Dalton.

This publication is the second one of a series of interviews on projects and initiatives on prospective market opportunities for ocean energy in several parts of the world.

In the interview, Dr Dalton, Senior research fellow at PLOCAN in the Canary Islands, and coordinator of MARIBE and MUSICA European funded projects, responds to whether multiple-use of space or multi-use platforms can have viable economic futures.

Commenting on these six interviews, Yann-Hervé, Chairman of the IEA-OES said, “We see in these examples that ocean energy technologies can be an attractive option for different energy markets within the Blue Economy, which needs to be fully compatible with the energy transition. It is important to consider how appropriate policies in regulation, licensing and financing can support their adoption.

“Stakeholder interviews conducted by IEA-OES show that small islands present a compelling argument for the exploitation of their ocean energy resource potential, and the importance of engaging local communities and local authorities in a dialogue that highlights these projects as a platform for job creation and social improvement. Energy problems faced by many islands and coastal regions can be solved by harnessing the available renewable energy resources of the sun, wind and ocean to supply electricity and freshwater. The idea of multi-use of the sea can be an efficient allocation of compatible activities in the same ocean space providing socioeconomic and environmental benefits.”

Dr Dalton said of MUSICA’s participation in the IEA brochure, “We are pleased to be able to participate in this publication and expand in detail upon the goals of the MUSICA Project. The challenges faced by Island and coastal communities in terms of energy sources requires innovative approaches and we believe MUSICA offers one such solution that will allow an effective transition to clean and renewable energy sources. We welcomed the opportunity to participate with the IEA project whose aim is to provide an understanding of the potential of ocean energy to co-locate with aquaculture and to supply energy for the sector.”

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MUSICA, which stands for “Multiple Use of Space for Island Clean Autonomy”, is a recent European-funded project, coordinated by Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN). The project is seeking to accelerate the roadmap to commercialisation of a combination of Multi-Use Platform (MUP) and Multi-use of Space (MUS) for the small island market. The Greek island of Oinousses was selected as a trial for this multipurpose floating offshore platform.

MUSICA will provide a full suite of Blue Growth solutions including:

  • Three forms of renewable energy (RE) (wind, PV and wave), providing high RES penetration and competitively affordable electricity.
  • Innovative energy storage systems on the MUP, will provide all required storage for power on the island and platform, as well as electrical output smoothening (compressed air storage and batteries).
  • Smart energy system for the island, including: demand response, modelling and forecasting based on high flexibility services from distributed generation.
  • Desalinated water made by desalination unit on the MUP powered by RES providing 1000m3 fresh water for a water stressed island.
  • “Green” support services for island’s aquaculture production.



Contact Name: Graham Lynch

Project: MUSICA