Public Engagement and Multi Use Platform on Oinousses and Chios

Public Engagement and Multi Use Platform on Oinousses and Chios

on October 15, 2020

As part of the MUSICA Project activities, several workshops are planned for key MUSICA stakeholders covering Multi Use Platform (MUP) and Smart Island topics. Yesterday, on the islands of Oinousses and Chios, it was our first opportunity to share MUSICA’s aims and progress with the public.

What did we learn yesterday?

This event informed islanders about how renewable energy, desalination and aquaculture can work together on one multiple-use platform. At the same time, guided activities gave participants a forum to discuss these topics; ask questions from MUSICA leadership; present ideas and concerns.

Input from community representatives in Chios and Oinousses—along with local authority, industry and research institutions—is vital to realising MUSICA’s ambitions to demonstrate how the needs of small islands everywhere (clean energy, fresh water, food, and employment) can be addressed through renewable technology using local resources. The event’s key purpose was to build links between different stakeholders and involve local people at an early stage in the Project.

What we learn from each other is shared on our website where the discussion can continue. Feedback helps us create follow-on workshops that will bring these same groups together to report on MUSICA progress and provide education and training around its benefits.

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